Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have prepared, ok, overprepared for my subs and was ready to go. I have all this little foam picture frames I want to glue together for Ryan. I have books that I was going to read. I have knitting projects galore. I was ready to rest and recover for 2 weeks after surgery. I should have known!

Today my principal called me in and told me she got a call from workmen's comp and I better check because she got the feeling they were going to deny the claim. Lo and behold, I got home tonight and got the message. Grrrrr...........

So, a few (hopefully only a few) more weeks on crutches and ibuprofen (my new best friend) and then I'll have some time. I'm hoping to tie this in to either Thanksgiving or Christmas break to save some sick days. We'll see. Tomorrow I start talking to my insurance company.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Surgery :(

I tore my miniscus and will be having surgery next Thursday 10/18. It's not that I mind the actual surgery so much, it's that I will miss 2 1/2 weeks of school and I am way overly possessive of my classroom and way too controlling with things - I know I just need to relax - I have great subs coming in, but it's me - I want to make sure the kids have a good routine and nothing is too out of the ordinary for them.

I also HATE going under! I don't like anesthesia - it makes me horribly nauseous. When I had Ryan (via c-section)and they brought him up to me to show him to me, my first thought was, "Oh, he's so cute. I hope I don't puke on him." Seriously! Poor kid! The drugs make me nasty sick and I am not looking forward to it. I am, however, looking forward to being able to walk without pain!

I'm getting everything done - classroom stuff first. I am also gathering things to do while I'm at home. During the summer I have Ry here so there's always something to do. For the most part, he'll be at Grandma's or daycare during the day so I'll be on my own - weird!!! I've got tons of knitting projects to work on. My secret pal project will hopefully get done while I'm at home. I also have things to make for my sister and for some friends at work.

I also got a bunch of books from the library- the first 4 Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. I've read 2 of her later ones but decided I better start at the beginning. They're hilarious and a great read. I also got our next 2 book club books. The first one is about Robert Hanssen - an American who spied for Russia, I think. It sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to the reading, knitting, and healing, but oh, not the anesthesia or the time off.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Ryan helped me bake cookies yesterday. I am so excited to bake with him and have him at an age where he loves to help. I want to do frosted sugar cookies with him but I'll probably save that for Christmas. For now, I made my mom's sugar cookies which when done mixing, you roll in a ball and then roll in sugar and then back without flattening. So, I dug out some of my colored sugar and put it in bowls and Ryan rolled them for me - he loved it! Of course, he had to sample it a bit when I wasn't looking. Here's an awesome picture of his great smile with just a little red sugar on his lips.