Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have prepared, ok, overprepared for my subs and was ready to go. I have all this little foam picture frames I want to glue together for Ryan. I have books that I was going to read. I have knitting projects galore. I was ready to rest and recover for 2 weeks after surgery. I should have known!

Today my principal called me in and told me she got a call from workmen's comp and I better check because she got the feeling they were going to deny the claim. Lo and behold, I got home tonight and got the message. Grrrrr...........

So, a few (hopefully only a few) more weeks on crutches and ibuprofen (my new best friend) and then I'll have some time. I'm hoping to tie this in to either Thanksgiving or Christmas break to save some sick days. We'll see. Tomorrow I start talking to my insurance company.

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