Sunday, September 30, 2007

I changed my mind

I've changed my mind regarding Ryan's Christmas stocking - even though the stocking itself is done except for weaving in ends, I think I'm going to put it away until after the first of the year and work on it next year. We're hoping to have one more child, so I thought I'd go ahead and made one more stocking and then decorate them at the same time. Plus, I just don't have the time next year due to stretching myself a tad thin. I am still going to make Ryan's stocking - I'm going to get some sports material for the stocking and then a white material for the top and then sew sequins on for his name. I've got the pattern and idea, I just need to get the material now. I think he'll love it as anything even remotely round shaped is a 'ball'. He's very into sports and not yet 2 years old.

Ok, so what's stretching me a bit? My friend is getting married in May and I'm planning on making her a variety of different patterned dishcloths. I've started them, but now I think I'll need to put them away until after Christmas. I drew my sister's name for Christmas and guess what she wants? Dishcloths! So, I'm hunting for some cute ideas and will probably make her 10 in different patterns. Plus, I joined a Christmas knitting exchange and am working on what I will make for my pal. I had a great idea last night while trying to fall asleep, but I'm going to hold on to it and surprise my pal with it. I'll also join the next international tote exchange, but phew, they've put it off until after the holidays. So, I really need to quit typing and get knitting. But first, shower, laundry, trip to grandma's and maybe making some sugar cookies with Ryan. :)

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