Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time to Knit!

My poor baby boy has been sick the last few days so I'm off from work to stay with him until he's well. I came home from school on Tuesday all excited because Rob finally got the ok to go back to work after his hand surgery. I walked in the door and he said to go feel Ryan because he thought he seemed hot. Hot! That was an understatement! He had a fever of 103. So, we tylenoled and saw the dr. Wed. morning only to learn he has a very slight ear infection but that it was probably a virus causing the temp so we're to wait it out. If it lasts longer than 3-4 days we're to bring him back. Since Rob already told work he'd be back after 2 weeks off, I'm home with the babe. He's quite cranky but when the meds are working he's bearable and we're coloring and having fun. I gave him tylenol about 1 am to help him sleep but I'm waiting to give more to see if the fever is gone. Fingers crossed!

On a good note, since I'm home, I can KNIT!!! I finished the books that I really wanted to read. I still have 6 (ahh!) that people have loaned me that I need to read, I'm just not motivated right now. I really want to work more on Ryan's Christmas stocking. It's pretty long and I've been doing a few rows at a time. I'd like to get more done on the main sock. All the decorations are done in i-cord and sewn on. I'll see if I can post a picture of the pattern I'm using. I plan on changing it slightly - maybe not so many decorations.

Here's the link:
and here is the picture: it's not working right now - I'll publish it later.

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